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We are a not-for-profit, Division II club, located in Janesville, Wisconsin. We have a volunteer board of directors (listed below) who oversee the operations of the club. We encourage a non-competitive environment where girls and boys can learn basic skating and hockey skills. We believe learning the fundamentals of hockey and having fun playing the game are essential to the development of a lifelong interest in hockey. We stress sportsmanship, teamwork and respect

Justin Wiskie (2023)


Phone: 608-931-5200

Jim Cole (2023)

Member Relations and Chair of Equipment

Phone: N/A

Jason Busch (2024)

Chair of Marketing

Phone: N/A

Adam Yurs (2024)


Phone: N/A

Tony Dongarra (2024)


Ed Chady (2023)

Past President/Volunteering Chair

Phone: N/A

Dan Jensen (2025)

Vice President

Phone: 608-346-5555

Lisa Fuelleman (2024)

Ice Scheduler

Phone: N/A

Shawn Kane (2025)


Phone: N/A

Jacki Briggs (2024)


Phone: N/A

Sean Knott (2025)

External Relations/Member Relations

Phone: N/A

Other Positions/Services

Renee Stieve-Busch

Travel Coordinator

Adam Yurs


Brianna Welch

Chair of Volunteering

Nicole Wilke

Referee Scheduler

Tim Johnson


Tony Dongarra



2022-23 Budget Committee

  • Adam Yurs (Chairman)
  • Dan Jensen
  • Edward Chady
  • Jackie Briggs

2022-23 Fundraising Committee

  • Jackie Briggs (Chair)
  • Jim Cole
  • Dan Jensen
  • Adam Yurs (Advisor)

2022-23 Standing Rules Committee

  • Lisa Fuelleman (Chairman)
  • Ed Chady
  • Sean Knott
  • Jim Cole

2022-23 Concessions Committee

  • Adam Yurs (Chairman)
  • Ed Chady
  • Bree Welsh

2022-23 Marketing and promotions committee

  • Jason Busch (Chairman)
  • Jackie Briggs
  • Tony Dongarra
  • Ed Chady
  • Sea Knott

2022-23 Grievance Committee

  • Justin Wiskie (Chairman)
  • Ed Chady
  • Dan Jensen
  • Shawn Kane
  • Nate Fuelleman (HCC)
  • Dirk Lessner (HDD)
  • Head Referee (if game related)

Nominations and Recruitment Committee

  • Shawn Kane (Chairman)
  • Jim Cole
  • Dan Jensen
  • Jason Busch
  • Sean Knott


Tournaments Committee


HDC Committee

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