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HDC / Coaches

The Janesville Youth Hockey Club (JYHC) Development Committee

This committee is responsible for all on-ice and off-ice player development, coaching development, and parent education. The objective of the development committee will be to build an infrastructure that will consistently develop teams that will produce to the best of their abilities and continue to attract athletes from the area to participate. The Hockey Development Committee (HDC) will create an environment that encourages development and education of JYHC coaches, players, and parents. The HDC will be responsible for developing a Hockey Operations Annual Plan, have monthly meetings, and in all aspects, this separate committee will report to the JYHC Administrative Board for approval.

Hockey Development Director

Dirk Lessner

Duties: Reports verbally and in writing monthly to the JYHC Administrative Board on all aspects of Hockey Development Committee actions and recommendations. Coordinates monthly HDC meetings and oversees all hockey operations and player development programs/curriculums administered by the HDC, WAHA and USA Hockey. Coordinate all end of season team reports, coaches' surveys and planning.

Coaching Coordinator (Head Coach)

Nate Fullerman

Duties: Responsible for recruiting coaches and submitting coaches' names to the Coaching Selection Committee for all levels as per coaches selection criteria attached. Coordinate interdisciplinary actions within JYHC as it relates to coaches and player conduct prior to the formal grievance process. Shall be responsible for the following:

- Tracking and reporting USA Hockey Coaching Education Program card numbers and levels, for all coaches to the HDC.
- Notifying all coaches of the dates and locations of the USA Hockey Coaching Education Program Clinics.
- Coordinating Screening for all coaches.
- Provide supplemental education for all coaches per the direction of the HDC.

Head Skills Coach

Conor Lemirande

Duties: To develop and provide an accelerated skills development for the 8U-Bantam ages through on-ice skills-based practices. That incorporates high repetition game-like patterns and small area games. 

Conor Lemirande Elite Prospects

Head Goalie Skills Coach

Leigh Grall

Duties: Provide a foundational improvement in travel hockey goalies through goalie-specific skills practices.

Leigh Grall Elite Prospects

Ice-Time Coordinator

Lisa Fuelleman

Duties: Responsible for all ice-time scheduling. Includes coordinating Region 4 League games, playoff times, team tournaments, and practices. Coordinates with Boys & Girls High School team schedules. Instructs managers/coaches on how ice changes are made. Review with treasurer all ice bills.

U8 Program Coordinator

Lonnie Klecker

Duties: Organizes all 8 & under functions along with the Third Vice President. Works directly with Coaching Coordinator while maintaining the curriculum established by Hockey Development Committee. Provides important initial contact to hockey for players, parents and families.

6U Coordinator

Matt Bloomquist

Girls Coordinator

Brian Martin

PeeWee Age Level Advisor


Off-Season Training Coordinator


Duties: Organize all aspects of off-season development. Responsible for the creation and coordination of pre/post season training programs for JYHC players. Development of off-ice facilities and programs to assist in JYHC player development. Works hand in hand with the Boys and Girls High School coaches in developing programs to meet their needs. Will assist in coordination of any Summer Training programs through WAHA.

Tryout Coordinator

Dan Foss

Duties: Responsible for all organization and development of tryout process. Including, establishing and following Player Evaluation Plan. Is required to support tryout process.

Travel Manager

Renee Stieve-Busch

Duties: Responsible for recruitment and training of all team managers for the Janesville Youth Hockey Club. Responsible for coordinating end of season party for all travel program skaters. Responsible for tracking and submission of all player patch requests on an annual basis. Responsible for dissemination of information to be shared clubwide to team managers. Responsbile for training new team managers.

At Large HDC Members

Karl Saalfeld

Shawn Kane

Lindsey Valasek