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2017/18 JYH Updates and Accomplishments

By Ed Chady, 02/21/18, 3:15PM CST


Janesville Youth Hockey Club Members,

What another exciting season it has been.  Congratulations to the various teams that will be participating in the State Tournament including Bantam B, Peewee B, Peewee C, Squirt A, Squirt C - Blue and Squirt C - Black.

As we look back on the year, I wanted to share and highlight what the club has been up to this past year, and recognize all the hard work that countless individuals have put in to make this a successful season and club. 

Thank you for volunteering!

First, thank you to all the club members that make this such a great organization to be a part of.  There are so many of you that go above and beyond to create a positive environment for the players to have a good hockey experience.  With the volunteer hours we all put in - over 4,100 of them already this season (with many more opportunities coming up) we have:

  • Made JYH Hosted tournaments a success, including our annual In-House tournament and our expanded RWB Hockey Rocks tournament.  We anticipate the Squirt C State Tournament we are hosting will be a success as well.
  • Run two “Try Hockey For Free” events, with a 3rd event scheduled for March 3rd.  We anticipate this to be our biggest Try Hockey For Free event ever!  Please help share the word about this event and check DIBS for opportunities to help with the event. 
  • We held our first ever Back to Hockey Day, an event filled day intended to help families complete all the necessary tasks to start the season all in a couple of hours.  We anticipate continuing this model going forward as it was more efficient for everyone involved.  The event was capped off with our club hosting a Hockey Lock In event for those 10 and under to start the season, and had approximately 60 skaters attend.
  • Volunteers continue to help keep fees down through the operation of the concession stand, with an estimated value of $250 per family.  Through the great efforts of the many volunteers in the club, as well as more consistent enforcement of the volunteer requirement policy, the club has been able to further reduce the amount of wages paid to operate the concession stand.

We hope you have found the Volunteer Hour process to be easier than ever to understand, available opportunities for completing hours, and reporting of the hours you have completed via the new DIBS system.

Hockey Development Committee

As stated in our clubs standing rules, the Hockey Development Committee (HDC) is responsible for all on-ice and off-ice player development, coaching development, and parent education. The objective of the Development Committee is to build an infrastructure that will consistently develop teams that will produce to the best of their abilities. We take this mission very seriously. With an almost entirely new staff of directors this year, we were able to provide opportunities for our players, parents, and coaches that we have never seen before. Some of HDC’s success this year were as follows:

  • This summer we made our first steps into creating off-season training for our athletes available by running the 5000 puck challenge.
  • Continued Wednesday and Sunday night summer ice for all age levels.
  • Will be hosting the clubs first 3-on-3 tournament this April.
  • Able to give our athletes their best opportunity to showcase their talents during tryouts by allowing them to try out in their selected position.
  • Brought in former Tampa Bay Lightning draft pick Oak Hewer to run stickhandling sessions with our athletes.
  • Continued to bring in professional skating coach Jaymes Schneider to work with our athletes.
  • Coordinated with the high school hockey coaches to provide sessions for coaching education.
  • Will expand our spring hockey offerings to the Peewee level for spring 2018.
  • Coordinated with the Board to permit the Bantam level teams to travel to 3 tournaments.
  • Continued the preselection of tournaments allowing our travel teams to enter into some of the best tournaments in the state.
  • Joined the Madison U6 mini-mite travel league.
  • Implemented an end of season player evaluation process to aid in player placement the following season.
  • Able to purchase coaching tools such as a projector for teams to watch game footage, helmet pinnies, passing aids, etc.

The HDC would like to thank all the coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, and everyone else that made this season possible. We would like to encourage everyone to get involved in a committee or leadership position within our club. It takes a village to develop a hockey player!

Board of Directors Update

The JYH Board of Directors has also been busy identifying ways to improve the club through policy changes, financial oversight, and initiatives to position the club for success.

  • We have made important changes to the Standing Rules which can be found on the club website in the next month.  It provides several new opportunities for teams going to the State Tournament to have an increase game limit and Bantam teams the option to attend a 3rd tournament each year. Important: we have also modified our payment plan options for next season.  Take note that there will only be two options for making payments next season.  You can pay in full via cash, check or credit card (with processing fee) at the Back to Hockey day, or you can make your payment through Sports Engine (with processing fee) in three installment payments. 
  • Our club has been selected as the host site for the 2018 Division 2 Squirt C State Tournament, and the 2019 Division 2 Peewee B State Tournament. 
  • Hosted a very successful, 28 team RWB Hockey Rocks Tournament, the largest tournament we have ever hosted. 
  • We are anticipating hosting a 3 v 3 tournament the weekend of April 7th for Squirts, Peewees, Bantams and an Adult group.
  • Made improvements and upgrades in the concessions stand.  Most notable, we implemented new cash registers that are touch screen and accept credit cards.  The new system has improved our inventory management and along with the new security cameras we are seeing improved margins from the concession stand.  In the last few years we have replaced the slushie machine, hot dog roller, popcorn machine, hot beverage machine and cheese dispenser.  We hope you are finding the new equipment easier to use and more reliable.
  • Resigned a multi-year contract with Pepsi, generating several thousand dollars per year for the club.
  • Implemented an equipment deposit process to help minimize the amount of equipment lost or not returned.

Financial Updates


The club continues to identifying ways to keep the hockey program affordable, and this past year we did a number of fundraisers to offset our operating costs.

  • Continue to operate the concession stand at a profit which keeps our fees at a reduced level by approximately $250 per travel family across the club.
  • Hosted a successful golf outing that raised over $9,000!
  • The continued the 50/50 fundraiser at many of the Janesville Jets home games which has generated over $4,000 in revenue for the club.
  • Continued our partnership with the Janesville Jets and raised nearly $4,800 from the sale of Jets tickets.
  • To offset club costs, the Board was successfully awarded with a grant offered through WAHA in the amount of $1,700 for our scholarship/fee reduction program.
  • Received a $10,000 grant from to help offset the costs of the new jerseys.
  • Have submitted several grant applications to raise money for potential capital improvements including the Kraft Hockeyville Grant.  This summer, JYH presented at a Janesville City Council meeting in support of the proposed plan to complete a feasibility study for a new recreational facility that would contain two sheets of ice. 


The club strives to maximize the players’ fees and provide the most out of the hockey experience given the fees paid.  Beyond the increased ice time and power skating instructor previously mentioned we:

  • The club implemented a new logo for the club, and bought new jerseys from the Squirts through Bantams at a cost of over $22,000. 
  • Moved away from the old Goalline platform and have implemented Sports Engine.  This has also allowed us to process credit cards for skater fees.  Sports Engine is integrated with our new website, has an app for families, and connects with DIBS for the volunteer hour tracking. 
  • Continue to offer a scholarship or discounted fee program for those in need providing thousands of dollars of reduced fees each year.
  • Continue to offer the Scott Barritt Memorial Scholarship and the Gerry Campbell Memorial Scholarship to graduating high school seniors.

Spring and Summer Hockey

We will again be offering spring hockey at the Intro, 6U, RWB and Squirt levels, and have added an option for the Peewee level this year.  Practices will be Wednesday nights for Intro, 6U and RWB starting April 4 through May 9.  Times for the practices are:  Intro 5:30 – 6:30; 6U 5:30 – 6:30; and RWB 6:30 – 7:30.  Practice will be Sunday nights for Squirt and Peewee with practice times of 6:00 – 7:00 for Squirt and 7:10 – 8:10 for Peewee starting April 8 through May 6.

Summery hockey will again include two sessions.  The first session will be June 10 through July 22nd with no practice the week of July 1st, pending finalization of the spring shut-down schedule.  The second session will be July 29th through August 29th.  Intro/6U and RWB will be Wednesday nights at 5:30 and 6:30 respectively.  All others will scrimmage on Sunday’s.  Squirt will be 5:30 – 6:30; Peewee 6:40 – 8:00; and Bantam 8:10 – 9:40.

Intro, 6U and RWB will be a combination of skill practices and games, while all other levels will be primarily game format.  Eligibility will be based on birth years:  Intro:  2005 – 2014; 6U:  2011 – 2013; RWB: 2009 – 2011; Squirt: 2007 - 2009; Peewee: 2005 – 2005; and Bantam:  2003 – 2005.

Registration for spring and summer hockey should be available on the club website soon.


Once again, thank you to all of the club members who participate and volunteer their time to make our hockey club great.  I hope you have found this communication enlightening, and that it has provided some perspective on all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make our club function.  Finally, later this season you should receive a survey regarding your hockey experience this season.  Please take the time to provide feedback.  Let us know what is working well so we can build off of it, and what we could improve to make it even better.  This is OUR hockey club, please help us make it the best it can be.

Thanks for another great season of hockey, and I hope we see you and your skater this spring, summer and next season.

Go J-Hawks!

Ed Chady, President of Janesville Youth Hockey