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Who Lit the Lamp?

By Lindsey Lentz, 02/28/19, 2:30PM CST


Hailey Chady Lit the Lamp!

Hailey Chady - (Center) Jr. Fury 

If you know Hailey, you know that she is a no-quit, hardworking and determined hockey player.  Her hockey skills have improved steadily year over year and she's consistently been the measure of hard work and discipline for many other skaters in our club. Her quiet confidence and cool demeanor have also been notable traits.  It's easy to teach kids how to play the game, but it isn't easy to teach them how to play their hardest, right up until the end- regardless of the score.  In a recent game against the Oregon B team, the Fury lost 5-3, but Hailey managed to score 2 goals in the last 12 seconds of the game, securing her 6th hat trick of the season!  She set the bar for all of our skaters to never give up and to always hang tough! 

Congratulations Hailey, Janesville Youth Hockey Club commends you on your stellar efforts! 


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