Coaching Requirements

Remember that the club does reimburse all coaching fees. They also receive volunteer hour credit based on the policy which can be found here at Volunteer Hour Requirement Policy.

All Items Must Be Complete and Turned in by Nov 1.

Complete the coaching application to submit it to our Hockey Development Director.

Register with USA Hockey as a Coach by visiting the USA Hockey website.

Registration is good through March 31st (if registering after April, it's good through the following year). This should be done prior to any on-ice activities as this provides the necessary liability insurance. This must be done annually. Save the receipt for $51 to be submitted for reimbursement.

Create a Coach Log-in and sign up for a Coaching Clinic.

Log-in to your account and select “Clinic Catalog” to identify a list of coaching clinics being offered. Most tend to be offered in the fall/early winter as the winter hockey season is ramping up. Identify the clinic you would like to register for, click on it, and at the top there is a link “Click Here to Enroll in this event”. Follow the process to sign up and pay the fee ($55) for the coaching clinic. Once again, save the receipt to be submitted for reimbursement.

  1. If this is your first year as a coach you need to take the Level 1 clinic. After you complete your first coaching clinic you will be issued your CEP number, which is required to be added to a roster, and some games require you to provide your CEP on the game score sheets. If you ever lose your CEP, you can find it through on the USA Hockey CEP List.
  2. If this is your second year as a coach you need to take the level 2 clinic
  3. If this is your third year as a coach you need to take the level 3 clinic
  4. Your level 3 is good for 2 years, and can be renewed one time.
  5. Levels 1-3 can get you through your first 6 years coaching, after that you need a level 4, which is good for life. Level 5 is only needed to coach at the upper ranks of hockey.

Complete USA Hockey's Age Specific Modules.

Follow the process to sign up for the age appropriate module that you will be coaching. Modules must be completed one time for each age group you coach. Pay the required fee ($10) and complete the module. Save the receipt for reimbursement. Once you start an age module, you have 45 days to complete the module. If you do not, it completely resets. The age modules consist of a series of presentations/videos, followed by short quizzes. You must get a passing grade, or you have to restart that portion of the module. Modules should be complete by November 30th.

Complete the Concussion in Sports Module through NFHS. Click on the order course and complete the training module. Print/save the certificate at the end of the process showing you have completed the course. The course is free. There is a pre-test, followed by instructional material, and then a post test. The training should be completed every year. Please send your certificate to our Coaching Coordinator -

Complete the USA Hockey SafeSport Training.

Following the link for “Register for SafeSport Training”. Enter your USAHockey registration/confirmation number. The course is free. Print/Save confirmation. SafeSport must be repeated every year.

Complete the USA Hockey Background Check.

Follow the process, pay the fee (~$30) and save a copy of the receipt for reimbursement. Background checks are good for 1 year.

Submit Receipts for Reimbursement.

To be reimbursed and receive volunteer hour credit for coaching, please submit a request for reimbursement for all items at the same time by December 15th. Please note the following:

  1. Who to make check payable to
  2. Address for check to be mailed to
  3. Itemized list of items being reimbursed
  4. USA Hockey Membership $51
  5. USA Hockey Age Module $10
  6. USA Hockey Coaching Clinic $55
  7. Background check $30

Scan and send the information and receipts to the JYH Treasurer at or package the information and put in the JYH Payment mail slot across from the Jets beer stand at the rink. The club issues checks twice per month, so it could take up to 6 weeks from the time it is collected, processed, check issued, mailed, and received.

General Coaching reminder: It's up to the coaches to make sure the kids are improving their skills, having fun and learning how to compete.

  1. We are out there for all of the kids, to make them all in to better hockey players.
  2. When you run a station, work with the kids on the skills. Correct them if their form isn't right. Don't just stand and watch or socialize with other coaches.
  3. For In-House, it's all about having fun and doing our best to retain these kids. We want them having fun and improving their skills. Remind them to use good hockey position, always.
  4. For RWB, push the kids. Encourage them to give everything they have. We want these kids focused on skating hard and competing.
  5. Have fun! Be positive! Put a smile on your face. If you're having fun and smiling, the kids are more likely to be having fun.

Thank you for interest and participation as a coach for Janesville Youth Hockey. The club wouldn’t be what it is without you!

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