The Janesville Youth Hockey Club (JYHC) leases the concession stand from the City of Janesville. As part of the lease agreement, the JYHC is required to operate the concession stand during all public skate sessions, and a variety of hockey games, figure skating competitions, and special events.

Revenue generated from concession stand sales, are the largest source of income for the JYHC. Without this revenue, annual player fees would increase substantially (approximately $250 per family), or other fundraising activities would be conducted to offset the loss of revenue.

In an effort to staff the concession stand during all events required by the lease agreement, the following policy regarding concession hours worked will become effective May 1, 2018.

In addition, JYHC hosts several tournaments throughout the year which also generate revenue to offset club costs. A variety of roles are needed to set-up and run the tournaments. These volunteer opportunities count toward the volunteer hour requirement.

As JYHC is a volunteer run organization (board members, coaches, and many other roles played by parents), hours worked at the annual clean-up day & other events as offered at the discretion of the President or Volunteer Hour Coordinator can be recorded as volunteer hours worked.


Beginning of the Season – May 1st of each year.

End of the Season – April 30th of each year.

Non-Travel Teams – refers to U8 program (Red, White & Blue and In-house)

Travel Teams – refers to all teams except Midget, U8 teams (Red, White & Blue and In-house). Midgets are exempt from concessions.


  • Non-Travel Teams          
  • In House - 12 hours per family
  • Red, White & Blue - 17 hours per family
  • Travel Teams - 27 hours per family


  1. At least fifty percent (50%) of hours for each season must be completed by January 31st or bought out prior to play downs, or your skater will not be eligible to participate in play downs.
  2. Volunteer hours are per family. Additional skaters in the same family do not add to the hour requirement. For families with multiple skaters, the level of the oldest skater determines the family requirement.
  3. Families of players registered on a traveling team, who have completed the required number of volunteer hours prior to the end of the season, will not be allowed to work volunteer hours toward the next season.
  4. All families who have not worked the required amount of volunteer hours will be billed for un-worked hours at $20.00/hour at the end of the season. If you chose to buyout your hours prior to November 15th of the current season, you may buy them out at $15.00/hour. All fees due for un-worked hours will be due by May 31st following the end of the season. Failure to pay for un-worked hours will result in the family member’s players being suspended from play, until the balance of un-worked hours is settled.
  5. Families who experience hardship, or are unable to fulfill the obligations of the required concession hours, must submit to the Board of Directors, in writing, an explanation stating why the family is unable to fulfill the obligation. All requests will be reviewed by the full board of the Janesville Youth Hockey Club. All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case scenario, and every effort will be made to make reasonable accommodations to fulfill the obligation.
  6. To be credited for hours, you must use the online registration and event sign-up through DIBS to track the completed hours for concessions and many other sanctioned volunteer opportunities through the club. In addition, you will be required to sign-in and out of on a form in the concession stand to confirm your shift. Other non-concession based volunteer hours will be confirmed via email with the Volunteer Hour Coordinator.
  7. The team manager is responsible for creating a concession schedule for practices. The concession stand is to be open and operating during each practice. Hours worked during practice sessions do NOT count toward the obligation of concession hours.
  8. Families who fail to show up for their signed up shift or who cancel with less than 48 hours prior to the event may be penalized with an additional 3 volunteer hours requirement per shift unless they find a replacement for their shift.


The following volunteers have reduced obligations to work volunteer hours, in lieu of the hours served performing the following functions.

  1. Travel Manager – one per club (25 hours)
  2. Team Manager
  3. Travel Team (Squirt to Bantam) – one per team (25 hours)
  4. Non-Travel Teams (RWB) – one per team (10 hours)
  5. Certified coaches – As assigned by the HDC
  6. Head Coaches
  7. Travel – one per team (25 hours)
  8. Non Travel – one per team (15 hours)
  9. Assistant Coaches
  10. Travel – Up to three per team (15 hours)
  11. Non Travel – Up to two per team (10 hours)
  12. In House Coaches – max of 12 per session (10 hours)
  13. Non Certified coaches will be credited a max of 5 hours
  14. On Ice Helpers (all others not receiving credit as a coach/assistant coach) will be credited a max of 5 hours
  15. U8 Coordinator positions – one per level (15 hours)
  16. Hockey Development Director (25 hours)
  17. Coaching Coordinator (10 hours)
  18. Concession Stand Manager (25 hours)
  19. Volunteer Hour Coordinator (25 hours)
  20. Concession Stand Scheduler (25 hours)
  21. Referee Scheduler (25 hours)
  22. Tournament Directors – up to two per tournament (20 hours)
  23. Club Registrar (25 hours)
  24. Ice Scheduler (25 hours)
  25. Club Webmaster (10 hours)
  26. Chair of Fundraising (10 hours)
  27. Chair of Marketing (10 hours)
  28. Chair of Equipment (10 hours)
  29. Treasurer (10 hours)
  30. President (10 hours)
  31. All Board Members shall receive 5 hours credit in addition to any of the roles also named.
  32. Midget only families. Families who have Midget players only are exempt, if they have younger siblings playing policy is followed based on next oldest player in the family.

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