Sudden Cardiac Arrest Info

The Wisconsin Legislature passed a new law in 2021 which took affect on July 1st if 2022, that requires: At the beginning of a season for a youth athletic activity offered to persons who are 12 years of age or older, the person operating the youth athletic activity shall ensure that information be developed to educate all athletic coaches and pupil athletes and their parents or guardians about the nature and risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) during youth athletic activities. These materials shall include in the information at least all of the following:

  1. Information about the risks associated with continuing to participate in a youth athletic activity after experiencing one or more symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest, including fainting, difficulty breathing, chest pains, dizziness, and abnormal racing heart rate.
  2. Information about electrocardiogram testing, including the potential risks, benefits, and evidentiary basis behind electrocardiogram testing.
  3. Information about how to request, from a pupil's health care provider, the administration of an electrocardiogram, in addition to a comprehensive physical examination required to participate in a youth athletic activity, at a cost to be incurred by the pupil's parent or guardian.

WAHA has developed the required materials for use in educating all coaches, players, and parents/guardians. These documents can be found on our website under the “Forms” tab. By law, all coaches, players, and parents/guardians must sign an acknowledgement form indicating that they have read and understand the information provided in the SCA materials and that this information be included in the same form as the one required for Concussions. Therefore, the acknowledgement forms can be found under the Concussion Information section of the “Forms” tab on our website. Also, the Association President must acknowledge that everyone in the Association has completed all of the requirements described in the Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest protocols of USA Hockey/WAHA and law by signing an Acknowledge form which can also be found under the Concussion Information section of the “Forms” tab. As a courtesy JYH has included all the of the forms on the WAHA Forms Page below.

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